Light triumphs over darkness thanks to us

We will help your project see the light of day, from the first consultations to the installation of the fixtures.
We will calculate it for you - temperature, intensity or lighting angle.
We will ensure that your lighting project meets all standards.
We take care that everything looks good and works for many years.


We consult

Together we will go through your project for lighting commercial or private spaces. It doesn't matter if you need fifty lights or five. No job is too small for us.


We count

We calculate everything so that the lighting works properly and meets all standards. We will supply you with a complete package, including artificial, outdoor, emergency and anti-panic lighting studies.


We suggest

We will find the most suitable lamps for your project. We take into account not only the design, but also the correct colour temperature, intensity and angle of lighting, colour rendering index and all the necessary certifications and ISO standards.


We deliver

We deliver the lamps on time and safely to the agreed place. We know very well that for large projects, the accuracy of partial deliveries is crucial.


We are installing

We provide high-current electrical installation of lighting fixtures for all types of commercial, private and industrial projects.


We guarantee

Warranty and post-warranty service of our lamps is a matter of course. Our team of specialists operates throughout the Czech Republic.

We shed some light on these projects

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We save nature and the wallet

Thanks to modern chips, our lights reach maximum brightness with normal consumption.

For every lighting project, we take into account the costs of acquiring lights, their installation, maintenance and operation.

How about we shine together

We have long-term cooperation with architects, designers, electrical installation companies and wholesalers.

We will provide your lighting project with a project protection reservation.


We will provide you with catalogues, samples and all the other collaboration you need to make your client happy. With long-term cooperation, you can use our bonus program.

installation companies

We will provide a complete supply of everything needed for standard and above-standard installations. You can easily get a price discount and a bonus program with us.


Do you want printed materials with your logo? You should have them. We will also support your sales by setting up a consignment warehouse with the best-selling products or by easily importing products into your e-shop.

Do you need to shed some light on your project?

Write us a few lines - what you are dealing with and what you need help with.

We will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a non-binding consultation.